• Why is The Number of Automatic Cars Going Up?

Why is The Number of Automatic Cars Going Up?

Explaining the Rising Popularity of Automatic Cars

If you’ve made any moves towards buying a car, either new or used, within the past few years, it can’t have escaped your notice that the number of automatics on the market has risen - we’ve certainly seen it here at West Motors.In fact, online car supermarket carwow.co.uk reported in late 2022 that less than a third of new cars on the market at the time had a manual gearbox. Whatever trends emerge in the new market then trickle down to the used. It looks like automatics are here to stay! Read on to find out more.

Why is the number of automatic cars going up? 

1. Electric and hybrid cars

With a ban on brand new petrol and diesel cars coming into effect in 2030, the boom of electric vehicles is going to keep on booming - and battery power is only compatible with an automatic car. The popularity of electric cars (albeit partly through necessity), is at the heart of the rise of automatic cars too.  

2. Increased fuel efficiency 

Automatic cars have, historically, fallen short of their manual counterparts in the fuel efficiency stakes, but that is quickly changing. As the cost of living crisis bites and the nation tightens its belts, a car’s ability to be frugal with fuel becomes an even bigger priority. 


In the age of safety features like Autonomous Emergency Braking, manual gearboxes tend to throw up some problems. 

In the example of this groundbreaking technology that applies the brakes on behalf of the driver, if the system senses an impending collision, the clutch would need to be depressed in the case of a manual gearbox. Therefore, on a manual car, it can’t work. On an automatic car, no such intervention from the driver is needed. 

What are the benefits of an automatic car? 

They’re safer 

In a technological sense, as we’ve mentioned, automatic cars often come with peace of mind with autonomous emergency braking. 

However, there are more basic, practical considerations too - with a manual car, you need to regularly take one hand off the steering wheel to change gears; there’s also the risk of stalling if you misjudge pulling away. In an automatic, these aren’t an issue; the car handles it all for you. 

Ease of driving 

Excited by the prospect of never stalling again? This is just one of the reasons that buying an automatic means that driving will become easier. There’s also no aching clutch foot in traffic, and an end to jerky gear changes. Modern automatics tend to have up to 10 speeds, easily matching the performance of manual gearboxes. 

Cheaper to look after

Let us assure you - replacement clutches are not cheap. With automatics, this particular car maintenance worry is removed, as the clutch simply does not exist. 

Browse automatic cars at West Motors 

If you thought that having over 150 premium cars here at our Uxbridge dealership would mean we have plenty of automatics to choose from - you’d be right! Our wide selection is home to a variety of automatic cars, from family SUVs, to nippy hatchbacks, and every luxury car in between. 

Once one or more of our automatics has caught your eye online, why not pop by for a test drive, and find out more about the finance offers available? Don’t worry, if you’re mad keen on a manual still, we’ve got lots of those too!

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