• What's The Difference Between Manufacturer and Extended Warranty?

What's The Difference Between Manufacturer and Extended Warranty?

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Here at West Motors, it is important to us that the satisfaction you feel when you drive away from us continues into the future, and a big part of that is feeling protected if anything goes wrong. As a retailer of quality used cars here in West London, some of the vehicles on our forecourt will come with the remainder of their manufacturer’s warranty, but what happens if they don’t? Well, we’ve got that covered too, with the option to purchase an extended warranty when you say yes to your new car. Read on to find out more. But what is the difference between a manufacturer warranty and an extended warranty? Read on to find out more. 

What is new vehicle manufacturer's warranty? 

It’s true that even nearly new vehicles can go wrong, so the manufacturer warranty exists to provide peace of mind. If you’ve just purchased a new car, chances are you’ll have spent a fair bit of money. Therefore, you’ll want to know that if something goes wrong that shouldn’t have in the first few years of ownership, you won’t have to foot the bill. 

Manufacturers cover the costs of certain repairs (faults that aren’t down to wear and tear, usually) for a set period of time, and this cover will last a certain amount of years or miles, whichever comes first. 

What does new vehicle manufacturer warranty cover? 

This is entirely down to each manufacturer, so if you purchase a car from West Motors that has warranty remaining, we’d always advise that you read the small print. The good news is that manufacturer warranties tend to be comprehensive, so mechanical and electrical failures that are independent of wear and tear are usually covered. 

Will a used vehicle come with warranty?

If you purchase a used vehicle from us at West Motors, you may find that the vehicle comes with a certain time period of manufacturer warranty as standard, if it’s young enough. 

However, even if the car is at an age where its manufacturer warranty has expired, there is the option to still enjoy the peace of mind that having unexpected repair costs covered can provide. In fact, we work with a leading UK warranty provider, Warranty First, who provide policies that are designed to offer similar protection to that which the manufacturer would have supplied when the vehicle was brand new. 

You get all the benefits of buying a used car, alongside the protection of buying a new one - it’s the best of both worlds! 

Why purchase an extended warranty at West Motors 

We’ve talked before about the reasons why taking out an extended warranty is a wise move, which includes the convenience of having someone you can call if something goes wrong, and the protection from the financial impact of unexpected repairs. 

What we love about Warranty First warranties is the way that their cover fits not only your vehicle and the amount you drive it, but also how long you want the cover to last. They really do fit their policies to your motoring! 

Find your next used car at West Motors 

Now you’re confident that your next used car can remain protected whatever age it is, you can get shopping for it. Our online used car showroom displays all of our latest stock, and cars that fit your requirements are easily discoverable using the handy filters to the left-hand side of the page. 

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