• What Are The Best Crossover Cars?

What Are The Best Crossover Cars?

Our top picks for the most practical, stylish crossovers

A relatively fresh addition to the car-buying landscape is the crossover car, catering to those that want the best of both worlds. You may have come across the term if you’re looking for a bigger, family-style car, as crossovers most closely resemble an SUV. So what exactly is the difference? What is it that ‘crosses over’? And what are the best crossover cars to buy? In this article dedicated to the topic, we’ll explain more about crossovers and why they are proving so popular with drivers. Read on to find out more.

What is a crossover car? 

SUVs are built for tougher conditions, with a truck-based chassis that means they’re ready for anything. However, this means that they’re heavier, and can be a bit much compared to what many small families actually need. Therefore, crossover cars look like SUVs, but are built on car chassis, so they handle like a hatchback. Whilst SUVs could ‘off-road’ if required, a crossover's wheels are more home on tarmac roads. 

Basically, you can enjoy the space and styling of an SUV, without the heavy build, making them ideal for transitioning into larger car ownership — crossovers are much less daunting!

What are the best crossover cars?

Toyota C-HR

This sporty-looking crossover is a dynamic addition to the used car market, with more and more pre-loved models becoming available as motorists upgrade. The C-HR not only looks good, but it handles well too, making it feel super sturdy on the roads. Hybrid engines tick your fuel efficiency box, and the safety technology provides that all-important peace of mind, particularly if it’s going to be your next family car. 

Kia Sportage

Kia releases its brand new cars with a huge 7-year warranty, which should go some way to demonstrating what a good bet their models are. The popular Kia crossover model, the Sportage, is a versatile SUV-style vehicle, with a generous amount of space inside, and a whole host of driver convenience features. There are a variety of engine types and sizes, so your Sportage can fit your motoring style. 

Mercedes-Benz GLA 

As a premium used car retailer, we just had to include Mercedes-Benz’s crossover offering, the GLA. Based on the very popular A-Class, the GLA has a more rugged SUV look, with an entry-level kit that still feels like you’ve paid for optional extras, such as a leather interior and a reversing camera, with many used models featuring even more than this.

Renault Kadjar 

For a value-for-money crossover option, the Renault Kadjar should be top of your shopping list. With Renault’s face-lifted styling, there are 5 trim levels out there on the used market, meaning that you can find a Kadjar that suits your budget. Every family car needs a large boot space, and the Kadjar is home to 472 litres — very impressive indeed!

Hyundai Tucson 

The Hyundai Tucson is another budget-friendly option, without compromising on space and comfort on every journey, from the school run to family holidays. The diesel models in particular are powerful, and should be considered by those who find themselves doing long journeys on a regular basis. Inside, you’ll find an intuitive infotainment system, ideal for keeping connected on the move.

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