• Top Tips For A Test Drive

Top Tips For A Test Drive

Find out how to make the most of trying a new car

You’ve thought hard about what you need from your next used car, you’ve done some thorough research, and you’ve narrowed it down to the main contenders; now it’s time for the fun bit - the test drive! Whilst it’s easy to simply enjoy the experience of driving a new-to-you car, a test drive is also an opportunity for you to really explore whether it’s suited to your needs long term. At West Motors, we like to make sure that you get to know the car as well as you can on your test drive, in order for you to make the best decision on your next set of wheels. 

Here's how you can make the most of your test drive...

Get comfortable 

Take the time to adjust the seat, steering wheel and mirrors, just as you would if the car was already yours. It can be tempting not to change too much, but you’ll get a much better feel for the car’s performance in your everyday life if you set it up as if it were already part of it. Ensure you can reach the pedals comfortably (and that you’re not too close), and that you can easily see everything that you need to using the mirrors. 

Test the tech 

While the car is turned on and under your scrutiny, check out the features and functions that it’s fitted with. How powerful the air con is, the quality of the reversing camera, the connectivity for your phone; things like this will make all the difference to your driving experience, so don’t neglect them at the test drive stage. 

Pick your route  

Driving on a variety of roads that reflect the ones you use on a daily basis will test the car’s suitability. It may feel great on an open dual carriageway, but if your busy commute involves frequently stopping in traffic and navigating smaller side streets, it’s wise to see how it manages in these situations too. 

Pay close attention 

While you’re getting to grips with this potential new car, you should keep in mind the way it handles general driving activities, such as safely overtaking, parking, and going uphill. For example, if you have a tight turn into your driveway, you’ll want to test the turning circle. 

You’ll come across these kinds of eventualities in everyday life, so ensure you’re confident in the car’s ability to handle them to your liking.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask about the things that matter to you, before, during and after your test drive. Your salesperson will be knowledgeable and happy to help, so from queries about fuel economy to the way the back seats fold down, make sure you find out everything you can in order to make your decision. 

Choose your next used cars at West Motors 

Choosing the right make and model for you and your lifestyle is what we’re here for at West Motors in Uxbridge, Greater London, and we’re keen for you to get the best out of your test drive. Test drive one or more vehicles, try out different engine sizes and specifications, and let our friendly team ensure that you're 100% happy with your choice. 

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