• Top Ten Cars for Commuters

Top Ten Cars for Commuters

Our Picks for the Most Practical and Comfortable Vehicles for Daily Travel

When it comes to getting to work, many of us would be lost without our cars. Whether you’ve got a short 10-minute drive to the office, or you hit the M25 and beyond to earn a living, cars play a huge part in getting you there quickly, safely, conveniently, and comfortably.Picking the right car for our daily commute needs to be done carefully, and the one you go for depends on what sort of journey you’re doing on a daily basis. Below, we’ve covered the top 10 cars for commuters that cover both long and short distances. Read on to find out more.  

Used cars for short commutes 

If you simply zip from A to B in a matter of minutes, particularly if it’s within the city, you’ll want a specific type of motor. So what should you be after? 

What to look for in a used car for short commutes 

1. Something fun to drive

With such a short time spent on the move, you’ll want to enjoy it, so something that feels good to get behind the wheel of is a big plus. Because you only need a smaller engine, you’ll likely be in a smaller car itself, which helps give the vehicle a bit of pep for your Monday morning. 

2. Fuel efficiency

Stop-start traffic can burn through fuel, which isn’t good for the environment, or your pocket. Look for cars with small engine sizes that perform well at low speeds, usually a petrol engine, or, if you’re moving with the times, a hybrid or electric model. 

3. Easy to manoeuvre

Inner-city commutes mean tight parking spaces, so a car with dimensions that can cope with a nifty reverse park can really pay off in a pinch. 

Top 5 cars for short commutes 

Volkswagen Golf 

Designed as an everyday hatchback, the Golf performs as that and more, nipping around town with the assurance of a car that’s solidly built. It can easily transform into a family car at the weekends, making it a great all-rounder car for commuters. 

Ford Focus 

A firm favourite amongst commuters, the Ford Focus is a car that could turn its hand to longer drives but is just as happy nipping around town. It has a generous amount of room inside, but also comes with smaller engine sizes, to make it ideal for commuters. 

Audi A1

Combining style and practicality, the A1 brings some luxury to your inner-city commute, with a short body style perfect for those tight parking spaces. 

Vauxhall Adam

If you want a car for commuting that offers you all the mod cons without it being difficult to park, the Vauxhall Adam should be top of your list. It’s the definition of a cute commuter car! 


The Mazda2 makes so much sense as a commuter car - unfussy controls, plenty of infotainment, and short, nippy chassis. 

Used cars for long commutes 

When work takes you further afield, you find yourself spending a fair amount of time in your car. As such, there are a few criteria it needs to hit for it to be your ideal commuter car…

What to look for in a used car for long commutes 

1. A comfortable, convenient ride 

A commute as long as an hour each way means that your car needs to offer you some support. This means physically, with soft seats and proper back support, and in terms of convenience and entertainment, such as sat nav and Bluetooth audio. 

2. Fuel efficiency

A car that can cruise along without breaking the bank at higher speeds is one that’s ideal for your long journey to work — it’s why diesel cars have historically been so popular amongst commuters. 

If you opt for ultimate fuel efficiency in the form of an electric car, make sure it’s got the range to get you to where you need to be, and a charger at each end of your journey, so you don’t get caught short. 

3. Power 

If you’ve ever done a motorway journey in a car with a small engine, you may have found it lacking, which could make your long commute very frustrating. A larger engine will be able to handle the higher speeds with ease, making the drive less of a chore for you. 

Top 5 cars for long commutes 

Mercedes-Benz S Class

Want to be the envy of the office? The S Class never fails to be a cool commuter car. It performs well over distance, with automatic versions, in particular, making your journey smooth and comfortable. 

Audi A6

Want a touch of luxury with your early morning drive? The Audi A6 delivers on all fronts. With generous tech as standard, the A6 keeps you connected on the move - particularly handy if you need to make some calls before you get to the office. 

BMW 5 Series 

A true executive car, the 5 Series is a smooth, sleek saloon that will get you to work in style. BMW do comfort and convenience extremely well indeed, and with some performance engines under the bonnets of many models, you’re likely to be driving the full package. 

Kia Sportage

A Kia feels solid and capable on any road, something that goes a long way with commuters. The Sportage can double as a family car at weekends, but get you to work safely and comfortably during the week; reliably too, with that 7-year warranty from new.

Volvo XC60

Nobody does comfort like Volvo - it’s the car equivalent of your living room! A high driving position affords you a fantastic view of the road on your commute, and as the engine range starts with a D4 diesel engine or a 2.0 T4 petrol engine, you needn’t worry about power.

Used cars for commuters in West London 

Whatever your commute length, our selection of premium used cars here at West Motors in West London will have amongst it something perfect for you. Our experienced, knowledgeable team are on hand to work out what car would be ideal, and can even help you finance it too. 

Get browsing online today for your next commuter car. 

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