• Top Saloons at West Motors

Top Saloons at West Motors

Our Favourite Saloons for Comfort, Style, and Performance

It’s no secret that we sell a wide range of cars here at West Motors, and there’s one to suit pretty much everyone! A popular class of car here in West London is the saloon; cool, spacious, and perfect for frequent travellers, with enough room in the car and performance under the bonnet to make long journeys comfortable. Not sure if a saloon car is right for you? Well we have got you covered! In this guide, we explain what a saloon car is and the benefits of owning one. Read on to find out more.  

What is a saloon car? 

Typically, a saloon is a car that has a boot that’s separate from the rest of the car; you can’t extend it by flattening the seats. In terms of body type, they’re generally longer, executive-style vehicles, bringing a certain elegance and power to your journeys, plus a touch of luxury too. 

Saloon cars at West Motors 

We’re fortunate enough to have a stunning selection of used saloons available on our forecourt. Here are just some of the highlights…  

Maserati Ghibli 

The majestic Maserati; a very glamorous saloon indeed. It’s a car that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, with an impressive front grille and smooth, sporty curves. The model we have in stock at West Motors right now is a great example, with a full black leather interior, and throaty 3.0L engine - it’s built to wow. 

This 2018 Ghibli is also home to parking sensors, touch screen display, and Bluetooth connectivity.     

BMW 5 Series

If you’re after a versatile saloon with luxury built-in, the 5 Series should be your first and last stop. Like almost all BMWs, this car is full of thoughtful touches, and the 2018 model with us right now features Drive Performance Control, heated front seats, and a voice-controlled Bluetooth connection. 

Audi A4

The Audi has long been an upmarket choice for all motorists, and the A4 appeals to the section of the market that needs a comfortable motor in which to cruise motorways. It’s a relatively constrained saloon, perfect for those that don’t need a huge amount of space, though there’s no compromise on convenience and relaxation once you’re in the driving seat. 

The A4 available from West Motors at the moment is a sleek black 2014 model, with a gorgeous leather interior. 

Mercedes-Benz C Class

Arguably, there’s no manufacturer that does a saloon better than Mercedes-Benz, and the C Class is the ultimate executive car. This particular C Class has just 41K on the clock, plus a luxurious leather interior and features such as a navigation system, remote boot release, and a choice of driving mode.  

Volkswagen Passat 

Volkswagen is a brand that knows how to appeal to everyone, and with the Volkswagen Passat, they’ve bought the saloon down to earth. Still comfortable and spacious, but with a budget-friendly price tag. 

With a spec list as long as your arm, this Volkswagen Passat had a lot to offer, including touchscreen navigation, parking sensors, and adaptive cruise control. 

Find the used saloon for you in West London 

We don’t just help you find your next saloon - we’ll help you fund and protect it too. From flexible finance options to paint and fabric protection and even extended warranty, we offer the complete package, ensuring you get the car you want your way. 

Get started online today by browsing all the cars we have available; from hatchbacks and SUVs to the saloons we’ve mentioned above and more! 

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