• How To Get A Good Deal On Your Car Insurance

How To Get A Good Deal On Your Car Insurance

Tips to Save Money on Your Insurance Premium

Part of the responsible ownership of your vehicle is insuring it, both for your financial protection and for anyone you may be involved in an accident with. It’s also one of the running costs you’ll need to consider when you’re budgeting for your car on a monthly or annual basis. The cost of car insurance can vary for many reasons and there are ways in which you could bring your premium down. In this article, we share our top tips so you can ensure a more budget-friendly year of motoring. Read on to find out more.  

Compare, compare, compare 

It’s no secret that shopping around is a wise move when you’re making any financial investment, and this is also the case when you’re looking to set up or renew your car insurance. The ‘loyalty penalty’ used to be a problem, whereby insurance companies set higher premiums for their existing customers, but this has now been banned. However, you can still potentially find a better deal through another provider, so it’s well worth doing your research.

To get started, head to some comparison sites, as they can do much of the leg work for you, though don’t forget to also check the car insurance providers that don’t appear on comparison sites. 

Pay yearly 

Like with many cost-spreading agreements, you’ll pay for the convenience if you opt for monthly instalments on your car insurance. Paying all in one go can seem a little painful, but it works out cheaper in the long run; if you can, pay your premium annually in order to cut the cost. 

Keep mileage under control 

As much as we’d like to, we can’t predict the future, but you can accurately estimate your annual mileage - and the lower it is, the better for your car insurance price. It’s essential to keep it accurate though, as in the event of a claim, your mileage really needs to be under the annual limit you stated at the time of set-up. You’ll need to take into account the school run, driving to work, and any trips or holidays you’ve got planned. 

Work out the cost of the extras

Breakdown cover and key protection sounds great on your policy, right? These types of cover absolutely provide peace of mind, but they can also increase your premium. They, of course, can be well worth it, but you may find it cheaper to purchase these ‘add-ons’ separately; some things may even be covered by your warranty. 

Negotiate on the price

Not many of us enjoy an on-the-phone negotiation, but in the case of insurance premiums, it can be worth the trouble. Do that comparison research that we talked about earlier before approaching your existing insurance provider - after all you may be happy with them, you’re just not so keen on the price. 

The end goal is for your current supplier to match the quote you’ve found, which is a win-win all around; you get a cheaper deal without the hassle of moving, and they retain your business. 

Step up security

You’ll notice that car insurance providers will always ask you where your car is kept overnight, and what security system it has onboard. Therefore, it makes sense that a secure parking space, such as an off-road driveway, and a robust security system can reassure an insurance provider that you’re protecting the car. This reduction in risk reassures the insurance provider, and this can bring your premium down. 

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