• How Do I Keep My Car Cool When It's Hot?

How Do I Keep My Car Cool When It's Hot?

Tips for Staying Comfortable in Your Vehicle During Warm Weather

Just lately, we’ve been enjoying some pretty tropical weather in the UK, which has been very welcome indeed after months of chilly conditions. However, what’s less pleasant than sitting out in it is getting into your car that’s been sitting in it.Travelling in high temperatures doesn’t have to be the hot and sticky experience we’ll have been reacquainted with over the last couple of weeks, if you follow these tips on how to keep your car cool when it’s hot. Read on to find out more in our handy guide to keeping cool when behind the wheel. 

How can I keep my car cool when it’s hot? 

1. Park out of the sun

We know, it sounds pretty obvious, but that’s because it can make a huge difference. Direct sunlight will heat your car up even on only a moderately warm day, so in hot weather, it turns it into a bit of an oven. Leaving your car in a garage, under trees or in the shadow of a building can really help prevent that blast of hot air when you open the doors. 

2. Invest in a windscreen shade

If actual shade isn’t an option, plump for the next best thing, which is a windscreen shield that keeps the direct sun out of the car. You can find them in plenty of car accessory shops, and they usually just fold away when you’re not using them. 

3. Leave the windows open a little — if it’s safe to do so 

Obviously we don’t recommend that you leave them open more than a centimetre or so, as opportunistic thieves could be anywhere, but leaving just a little bit for air flow can make all the difference. 

4. Wipe over hot touchpoints

Ever got in a hot car and got a nasty shock when you put your hands on the steering wheel? Wiping over areas such as these with a damp cloth can help make things a little more comfortable. 

5. Interior fanning 

It may seem a bit unusual, but opening both the windows on one side of your car and swinging a door on the opposite side open and closed (but not all the way) to expel the hot air out of your car can be very effective. Just make sure you’ve got enough space in which to do this safely. 

6. Know how to use your air con

Reaching for the air conditioning is natural in hot weather, but there’s a way in which to use it more effectively. Put it on the coldest setting first, and ensure that it’s drawing air INTO the car as opposed to using air that’s already in the cabin, usually via a button that shows an arrow entering the car. You can open the windows first if it’s unbearably warm!

You can then close the windows once the car is cool enough, and switch to recirculated air by using a button that should depict an arrow going around in a car. 

7. Shut off your top air vents 

By isolating the cool air to the vents in the footwell, you’re using science to cool the car quicker — hot air rises after all! 

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