• Discover the Best Audi's

Discover the Best Audi's

Find out what makes an Audi such a popular brand

As you know, here at West Motors we’re all about premium brands, and one of the first to spring to mind is Audi, a German manufacturer that never fails to impress. But why should you buy an Audi, and which are the best models? In this article we will discuss just that. From convenience to comfort, style to spaciousness, Audi is not just a prestigious marque, but a contender among its German cousins BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Read on to find out more about the range which includes hatchbacks and saloons. 

Why buy an Audi? 


Audis are designed to turn heads with an air of timelessness around the model designs, without compromising the practicality of each one. 


Known for quality interiors, you’ll feel right at home in whichever Audi you choose, making them ideal if you spend a good deal of your time behind the wheel. The cockpit has been thoughtfully designed with both convenience and comfort in mind, and the leather upholstery in many models just gives the interior that premium edge. 


Audi’s in-car infotainment system, MMI, is packed with features, keeping this brand at the cutting edge of driver convenience. Alongside many audio options, many used Audi models come with sat nav included too. Their safety features are top notch, with blind spot monitoring, lane assistance, and adaptive cruise control included in many newer models. 

What are the best Audis?


With that perfect blend of hatchback affordability and Audi’s signature premium comfort, the A1 is a firm favourite amongst motorists. Smaller petrol engines make them economical as well as fun to drive, with an interior that’s still deceptively spacious. If it’s going to be your family car, look for the Sportback version, which has a handy 5 doors.


Audi A3s are bonafide best-sellers, with used models that age very well indeed. A3s feel sturdy, with enough space inside to remain versatile to families as well as solo commuters, so their appeal really is universal. This is further bolstered by the presence of driver convenience such as parking sensors, smartphone integration, and sat navs many of the used examples you can find today. 


Looking for a sleek and stylish saloon? The A4 will give you that executive look immediately, with a body type designed for cruising, and powerful engines under the bonnet to make long journeys a doddle. There’s plenty of space in the back and the boot, meaning that the A4 lends itself to family life too. It’s pretty perfect! 


Another executive car worth getting excited about is the A6, with that touch of luxury that will keep you comfortable for many miles to come. Even entry-level models are packed with appealing features, such as leather upholstery, satellite navigation, front and rear parking sensors, and dual-zone climate control.


Short and sweet, the TT gets you from A to B in style, but it’s not to be underestimated; it’s 0-60 in just a few seconds! Nip around looking cool and comfy in these two-seater powerhouses, entertained by Bluetooth audio, and supported by those cosy heated seats. Why not opt for a convertible version, for that wind-in-your-hair experience every summer? 


If you’re looking for power and style with a bit of an edge, look no further than the RS3. Marketed as a hot hatch, it’s an A3 with a lot more oomph, meaning that it’s fun as well as practical! Many used models feature Audi's virtual cockpit, which adds to the wow-factor at the wheel. 

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